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 History of The WorkBank


The first WorkBank was opened in 1998 with the aim of assisting companies to access the skills and abilities present within modern Universities whilst meeting the needs of business. The WorkBank is committed to ensuring that students' academic and financial welfare is professionally supported. Today, the WorkBank has evolved to offer 2 primary service divisions: current or postgraduate recruitment, and educational recruitment                 


The WorkBank Recruitment Service Divisions

Undergraduate Recruitment - The temporary undergraduate division works with local businesses to provide temporary staff on either a short or long-term assignment. This flexible, on-demand servce can meet the shortfalls in staffing at any time and caters for a variety of requirements, both skilled and unskilled.

Postgraduate Recruitment - The permanent division works with graduates to realise their potential within business. Focussed on meeting the demands of business on a local or national scale, The WorkBank consults with its clients to provide graduates with the skills to succeed in their businesses. The WorkBank works with newly qualified graduates. and those with experience in their chosen area, allowing clients access to graduates with a proven record of success.

WorkBank Education - WorkBank Education allows The WorkBank to use their highly skilled academics, retred teachers and head teachers, NQT and PHD students within our neighbouring universities, colleges and schools. We have an in-depth knowledge of the education sector and we offer excellent teaching staff and the highest levels of customer service. We strive to maintain these high standards whilst ensuring we are always able to offer the cost-effective solutions demanded by our clients.


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